Angst on a Shoestring :

Why bother?

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The Girl Genius Website belongs to Phil and Kaja Foglio, but I have posted it because I highly recommend it.

This account is for me to go and visit friends accounts. So that they know who I am, as this is a fairly common nickname.

Okay, so I write a bit more than that...

So...wondering if people get the title, and where it comes from. It's an obscure reference!

These are the things I'm interested in, or partially. I'm cutting back on linked interests...and the ones I've removed will go ... here!

anime, art, badlands national park, beatles, bing crosby, bone (the graphic novels), classic star trek, cole porter music, edith head, eurythmics, four square, hoagie carmichael,nukees, oingo boingo, old broadway shows, otakon, puzzle video games, rotundi (a punk polka group), something positive, wapsi square, web-comics,

Oh, and qw21

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