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Well, it's been an interesting six months. Two friends in particular have gotten me involved in reading Sherlock (the BBC version) fanfiction, and it's been a wonderful world to get caught up in. Yes, I've read some bad ones. Poorly written, and sloppy. I've read stories that have enraged me for the absolute sadism of the authors.

And I've read stories that were written by obviously very young people, new and extremely shy authors, and by people who are new to writing in the English language. Actually, none of those three make me angry at all. I enjoy looking at their ideas and thinking about how they will improve the more they write. They have ideas and love for the subject. Even more important (to me) they have an idea of the characters that appeals to me.

I've read a good deal of humor, stories that might not fit canon, nor be in the appropriate style, but they just work. It does indeed take all types.

And it's nice because being on Archive of Our Own, I get to post some of the stories that have been teeming through my brain all my life. I'm much slower in writing them down than I am in coming up with ideas and scenarios and conversations in my head. I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. It doesn't work out so well in real life when you've run all the permutations for the difficult conversation you will have with your spouse or your boss. Works much better in stories. Waking up with the perfect next step in your head. Of course it's frustrating when you forget it all on your way to the shower. Sometimes that is what is more difficult than putting the words on the paper, or electronic screen. That you had the PERFECT way to resolve the issue and it's gone, quite gone, with only the faint impression of what was meant to be.

Ah. Well.

That all being said, it's Wednesday, and time for Mise en Place to update, as well as a bunch of other things I've subscribed to on Archive of Our Own. Best get reading!
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