cousin_sue (cousin_sue) wrote,

Close of Senior Year

Well, the Younger Spawn graduates in two weeks.

Seems odd, as she just had her birthday and I was forcibly reminded of the day she was born. A good day. Not that long ago.

Last night was the Freddies. Think The Tony Awards, but for High School musicals. Freddy is the ghost at the State Theater, though I understand he did not make an appearance last night. One of the kids who has been coming to the house for three years (Eldar Spawn's group, now YS), was up for an award. The way the Freddies work is that EVERY school that participates gets one nomination (pity some call it) each year. This year we got two. Last time that happened was for The Pajama Game when we got two for what was truly a bit of magic on stage, a dance between two minor characters who had amazing chemistry together. Two kids that I'd known for years, who were incredible friends (and nothing more).

Looking at YS and her friends I will say that the Value of Friendship is an enormous asset. These are creative and funny kids. I will miss them when they all go off to college.
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