cousin_sue (cousin_sue) wrote,

The Fabulous Beige House

Well, I guess it's been a while since I updated.

1. the spouse and I have sold the Fabulous Beige House. If all goes well, then on September 30th he and I will be handing the keys over to a family who have promised to treat it well.

2. We will then be moving to a house a mile north of here that is a bit smaller, and will be entirely our own with no mortgage. With my being part time, this makes a lot more sense. We are uncertain as to how the kittens will manage being entirely indoor cats from then on, but we'll see.

3. Also, I started on June 25th as the Emmaus Public Library's Youth Services librarian. It is work that I love, although fitting in is always nerve wracking in the beginning. As the man said while falling off of the twenty story building, "so far, so good!"
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